Building With Colour

Friday, January 16, 2009
Gallery North

Skill with colour seems to be negotiated through a constant reiteration and interest in a particular structure, weight and light. This all sounds very abstract and yet it shouldn't, because the defining nature of these frames of reference is deeply informed by the material presence of the colour. Sean Scully and James Hugonin are both colourists with established procedures and attitudes to production that have already informed practice for a legion of young painters.

This exhibition seeks to consider what has been established by these important figures and to look at the notion of building as both a purely visual and a material activity. New attitudes to colour have surfaced recently as a new generation of artists theoretically position themselves to notions of subjectivity.

There is interest in establishing a new stance towards the status of desire, aesthetics and beauty within art objects. Colour is interesting again. Up until recently colour has been discussed very much as a science or in terms of culture. This exhibition seeks to open up new debate around the use of colour in building a work of art.