Colour as Material

Monday, April 23, 2012
Gallery North

An installation of works by Professor Helen Baker Professor of Fine Art in the School of Arts and Social Sciences. These works continue an ongoing engagement with the material of colour in painting. Earlier works addressed this through the idea of a basic building block that sat between two and three dimensional experiences. Two dimensional as an illusion of three dimensions and three dimensional in its flat painterly materiality. Baker refered to Guston as an inspiration for her ideas as well as the celebration of basic and highly valued working class production ship building, knitting etc. New works are emphasising the support in an attempt to undermine the paint. The support becomes a beautiful thick plywood edge Judd style as a sculptural presence while the surface either shrinks to 27x20x8 cms with a wing jutting out at right angles or it may be a series that wander across the wall as oddly configured paintings .